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A tribute to limestone, and what a reward to walk for miles in an exceptional environment!
Along a route with superb landscapes, the itinerary is marked out by heritage works - the old mill of Trédos, the chapel of Saint-Michel-de-Boisset, dolmens - until the final discovery of Minerve in its cliffs.
Minerve was born of an extraordinary geomorphological feature! Glacial erosion, followed by watercourses, have detached this piece of causse and formed kilometres of canyons and natural bridges with immense arches.

What makes Minerve so famous: its fantastic location, like a fortified island at the confluence of the Brian and the Cesse? Is it the tragic fate of 140 Cathars who perished in the flames on 22 July 1210, rather than surrender to the Catholic Simon de Montfort? Or is it the checkerboard pattern of the vineyards on the slopes adjacent to the village, for which Minerve serves as the standard-bearer for a French wine appellation? It's a bit of everything!

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