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Departure of Poujols ... A quiet journey ... until the slide Colombières who can give you shivers. A Tarassac, fast grid first and Moulin then will surprise you. May be some water in the canoe .... This stretch of the course gives you unusual and magnificent views on the Caroux.
After the basic Tarassac, Orb becomes calmer few small rapids regularly adorn the progress.
canoeAlong the way you pass the bridges (required down) through the villages of Vieussan and hamlet Ceps. The passage of the cliffs, you can stay tuned to find something refreshing dip if necessary.
Throughout the descent, you will definitely observe herons, black kites and can be mink, for the lucky or quieter !!!
After Roquebrun, the atmosphere is calm, but the slide of Maynard and Moulin Moulin Neuf undoubtedly break the monotony that could install up Réals ...
Canoe Tarrassac (Mons-La Trivalle) and Canoe Roquebrun offer different courses on the Orb for all levels of 5 km canoe about 1:30 to more than 35 km to go over 3 days.
For those who wish, it is also possible to make a descent of the Orb canoe accompanied by an instructor. Find out!
A canoe out on the Orb is a must during your holiday in Hérault ...


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