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     - Dans un méandre de la Cesse, Agel se dresse sur son rocher exposé plein sud -

Village of Minervois, Agel owes its name to the Latin agellus (1182): small field, small field.
At an altitude of 110 m, 205 Agelois (es), live in this village including the hamlets of Cazelles, Le Bosc, Moulin de Madame, Peyremale, Saint Hyppolyte.
In a meander of the Cesse, Agel stands on its rock facing south ... The narrow streets surround a medieval castle of the twelfth century. The latter, overhauled over the centuries, has windows of Renaissance style. Captured at the foot of the pech, the spring gushed in a fountain dating from the Roman era.

Dry in summer, the river resurfaces at Boulidou: with its beautiful flat stones, it is a popular bathing place. Above, nestled on the plateau, the hamlet of Cazelles offers panoramic views of the Minervois and the Pyrenees. Downstream from the valley, it opens the way to Minerve, a Cathar city steeped in history.

Of the old castle, which was not on the site of the current one but a little further west, there remains only the old stone gate and the name of the old man at the place he occupied.

The current castle, it dates from the twelfth century. Its origin is poorly known. By its configuration, it was to be part of the castles that prolonged the resistance of the vassal lords of the Count of Toulouse at the time of the Albigensian crusade.

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- Have to do -

= Le hameau de Cazelles
= Le Boulidou, lieu de baignade très prisé
= Randonnée le Pech
= Randonnée Cazelles
- History -
Village of Minervois, in Languedoc-Roussillon, Agel owes its name to the Latin agellus "small field".
Around the village, which is nestled in one of the meanders of the Cesse, near Minerve, many traces attest to the presence of the inhabitants in the Neolithic era.
A large number of remains also bear witness to the presence of Gallo-Roman villas. In 782, a villa "agellus" was given by Charlemagne to the archbishop of Narbonne and in 1142 the possession of the alley of Agel is confirmed by Pope Innocent II.
Land of welcome and integration since always, the village has undergone many changes over time and local events (Albigensian crusade, wars of religion, great famines, wine growing, modernization ...).
For all these long years, Agel has changed, transformed, enlarged to the present day.

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