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      La belle forteresse entoure la petite église romane St Martin -

The town of Beaufort is part of the canton of Olonzac in the district of Beziers, in the heart of the department of Herault. With a highest point at 86 meters above sea level, it has developed along the Beaufort River.

It offers a great variety of reliefs and is of geological interest. Its wine castle and Romanesque cathedral, Saint-Martin de Beaufort, are remarkable.
The D910, between Olonzac and Saint-Pons, remains an important crossing point; it connects the mountain to the North and the Minervois plain to the South.

From the top of the hill, this charming little village owes its name to Bello-forti (Belle fortress) 1135. At an altitude of 86 m, 160 Beaufortais / es inhabit this village.

Way of passage and trade between Haut-Languedoc and the Minervois plain, there are traces of human occupation very old on this site as evidenced by the remains of neolithic, Roman (oppidum) or Visigothic (Holy Chapel) -Madeleine).
Village Beaufort, also developed in the nineteenth century through the extraction of lignite in the mines of the greenhouse, now closed. The village, which stretches along the hill crowned by the old castle, is endowed with a few streets with names as evocative as picturesque: rue Bombecul, rue des Petits satchels ...

- A voir, à faire = Le château viticole sa cathédrale romane, Saint-Martin de Beaufort

- History - The beautiful fortress (1135) dominates the village that stretches on the hill. Endowed with some streets as evocative as picturesque and surrounding the small Romanesque church St Martin.

- Mairie -

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