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Ferrières Poussarou

ferriere-poussarouFERRIERES POUSSAROU
34360 Hérault
Altitude : 529 m / Surface: 2 602 ha / 49 inhab.

Located in the Poussarou pass, between St Chinian and Saint-Pons de Thomières, this municipality has five hamlets: Ferrieres, Camprafaud, Fraise, Pousselières and Treille that combine in their own ways quiet life and wilderness.

The area has a rich heritage in connection with Resistance, from the Cathars to the members of the Resistance during the World War II

ferrireres grand 01First traces of dwellings have been identified in prehistoric times, particularly in the Camprafaud cave.

The cavity was occupied from the sixth to second millennium BC. Thus, the accumulation of sediments and remains attest to the passage of various civilizations from the Neolithic up to Bronze Age. The cavity is protected as historical Monument.

Excavations have uncovered tools in flint, bone or antler. Ceramics provide information about the lifestyle of the residents, while the bones reveal an extinct wildlife: wolf, brown bear, lynx or ibex.

These excavations are exposed at the Prehistoric Museum in St Pons.


To discover:
Prehistoric Caves of Camprafaud
Neolithic station of La Treille
Slate tombs at Viala
14th century Church of Saint Peter : 17th-century gilt wood Virgin, bell 1664
Dourque Chapel from the17th century, facing south
Pousselières Chapel
Lose yourself on the small roads to pretty hamlets.

Hiking trails:
Tredos Our Lady from Ferrieres (GR77 trail)
Walk to the "Fraise"

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