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Les Verreries de Moussan


armoiries verreries de moussan

   Former seat of a particularly flourishing glass industry -

Covering an area of 1,869 hectares, 6 kilometers southwest of Courniou in the mountains, at the source of Thoré, this village was created in 1864 with 600 inhabitants and its name recalls a past dominated by master glassmakers.

Located at the edge of the Tarn department, in the Upper Thoré Valley, Les Verreries de Moussans was, until the 19th century, the seat of a particularly flourishing glass industry. There were fewer than twelve ovens, called glasshouses or mills, from which came bottles (flascous), window glasses (squareous) or honey pots and jams (counserbos).

- History -

The commune was created in 1864 by the meeting of territories of the communes of Rieussec, Saint-Pons, and Boisset. The history of the town is largely linked to that of Haut-Minervois. Indeed Boisset and Rieussec depended under the Old Regime of the lordship of Minerva, annexed to the royal domain, during the Albigensian crusade. The territory of Verreries-de-Moussans is marked geographically by the river Thoré, which separated the lands of Saint-Pons and those of Rieussec and Minervois.
The originality of the history of this town is based on the existence of glassworks, operated since the 15th century at least by gentlemen-glassmakers.
It is also one of their descendants, Sebastien de Riols de Fonclare, who in 1865 was the first mayor of Verreries-de-Moussans.

- Mairie -

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