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Village de Mons la Trivalle porte des gorges d'Héric

Gorges d'Héric's gate

monsDominated in the north by the Espinouse moutain, on which hangs the Caroux's characteristic profile, Mons la trivalle is a town full of charm and a natural touristic attraction.

Its name means "Mountain of the three valleys" and it defines exactly his situation. Well protected from the northerly wind by its majestic mountain, Mons-The-Trivalle is at the confluence of three valleys : Héric creek and Jaur & Orb rivers.

In the North, Heric creek rushes into high cliffs, forms waterfalls and then calms down at the bottom of steep gorges ideal for swimming. The Jaur river meanders slowly from West to East. The Orb river, powerful and unpredictable, maps its way South to reach the plains and the vineyards.
Balanced between oceanic, Mediterranean and mountain influences, Caroux Massif has a very special microclimate, with great sunshine: Caroux massif is also called "Mountain of Light". These conditions make this massif a natural treasure for rich wildlife and flora.
The Caroux is one of the main French climbing areas.


Mons-La-Trivalle is also a great area for canoeing on Orb river and cycling on the greenway.
Mons-la-Trivalle has many hamlets scattered around the village : Ornac the Voulte, Heric, Coste, Verdier, Bardou ...
To discover:Heric Gorges.
Tarassac Bridge dated 1870.
Romanesque 12th century Chapel of Saint-Roch in Voulte hamlet.
Prades mill (Eighteenth Century).
Montmorency House dated 1598.
Parish Church (eighteenth century. Bell 1723)

Tarassac viewpoint.
Airette Lake
Lose yourself on the back roads to encounter pretty hamlets.

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