premianAltitude: 256m / Surface: 1 669
ha / 508 inhab.
Prémian is located in the Jaur River valley, in the heart of the Somail and Caroux mountains.

 It is at the crossroads of transhumance pathways.

 Agricultural activities prevail in the landscape, on both sides of the Jaur river, between Tredos site and Lake of Vesoles.

In the spring, cherry trees adorn the valley with white flowers.premian grand 01To discover the beautiful surrounding landscape, go on numerous hiking trails, in search of menhirs, Neolithic sites, and the high places of the Resistance ("Path of Remembrance" from Rouvials hamlet, first Maquis in the area named “John Grandel" maquis).he path of 1000 steps (GR77) is a very famous hiking trail, known for its viewpoints and waterfalls. Lake Vésoles is an artificial reservoir that supplies the hydroelectric plant.This lake is fed by water from the creek "Buraut" which drains the vast peat lands between the Bane and Cabarétou passes. The thick forests are reflected in the deep blue waters of this mountain lake. The trail around the banks allows to discover the “Saut de Vésoles” (river chute), where the creek of Buraut falls into the void.Village of culture and Heritage, Prémian transformed its old agricultural cooperative into a cultural and Arts center “Le fil des arts”To Discover: Ichis dolmens, las Campanes peak. Lake Vésoles, saut de Vésoles (river chute), and Campblanc, an old  straw-bale farmhouse with a broom roof in Farrals hamlet XVIIIth century Church, with 18th-19th St. Sebastian painting and lectern Tour of the old municipal fountain clock. Site of the old textile mill in 1840, which is now the school and town hall The canal system to power the Old textile mill. eighteenth / nineteenth century Bridge on the Jaur River. Ruins of the twelfth C. Clix tower.The Albisse site, on a Roman road
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Hiking trail :
Lac de Vesoles («Les 1000 marches»)

Notre Dame de Trédos
Voie verte 'green way' Passa Païs