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Saint Pons de Thomières

armoirie village saint pons

                  - The marble city -

Populated since the end of the Neolithic, the site of Saint-Pons de Thomières knew a civilization of St. Pons, whose remains are exposed to the Museum of Prehistory. Today canton chief, Saint-Pons-de-Thomières is an administrative center.
From the Museum of Prehistory to the Cathedral, its streets lined with old stalls and decorated lintels invite you for a visit to go back in time.
The marble quarried from local quarries is found in all stages of development of the city.

At 50 kilometers from the sea, Saint-Pons includes the particularities of Sidobre, Somail and Montagne Noire. Headquarters of the Regional Natural Park of Haut Languedoc, the town has a history dating back to Prehistory.
To see: the southern architecture of the cathedral, the old abbey church several times overhauled over the centuries. It houses a marble choir, carved walnut stalls and organs known as the second in France after those of Notre-Dame de Paris.
Also the guard tower Saint-Benoît, the ramparts and the picturesque lanes which border the Jaur.
This river has its source in Saint-Pons-de-Thomières. Often explored at the end of the nineteenth century, and even arranged for visitation at certain times, the source of the Jaur has always been a sacred place. An inscription of Gallo-Roman origin found a few dozen meters confirms what the local tradition says: the church of Saint-Martin-du-Jaur, located 30m from the source, would have succeeded to an older temple. A legend even states that the source is a monster petrified by the gods to whom the sanctuary has been dedicated. Feel free to stroll through the nearby park, whose lush vegetation keeps the temperature warm in summer.

- A voir, à faire -
= De L’abbaye À La Cathédrale Saint Pons De Thomières
= Circuit De L’art Saint Pons De Thomières
= La source du Jaur
= La Chapelle des pénitents
= La Voie verte
= Musée de la préhistoire
Maison du Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc

- Un peu d'histoire -The history of Saint-Pons-de-Thomières is known from the foundation of the Benedictine Abbey by Count Raymond Pons of Toulouse, in 936. The abbey is built on the left bank of the Jaur and entrusted to religious Benedictines from Aurillac. Many donations enrich the monastery throughout the Middle Ages, and allows him to radiate spiritually and materially over a vast region.
The village of Saint-Pons then develops on both sides of the river Jaur: around the church and the vast abbey buildings, is constituted the mage city, fortified; on the right bank is the smaller city, with its own ramparts. The small town is a place of passage and commercial exchange, on the way of communication between Castres and Béziers, on the border of the territories of the count of Toulouse and Viscount of Trencavel.
In 1170, the monastery, and probably part of the city were looted by Roger de Trencavel, and suffered serious destruction. The purely feudal conflict, relates to the construction of fortifications in La Salvetat, seigneury dependent on the abbey of Saint-Pons, in a context of difficult family succession. The abbey church, badly damaged, must be rebuilt
and fortified.

- Mairie -

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st pons de thomieres

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