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Located in the west of the Hérault department, from the Minervois to the Somail via the Caroux is a mega menu for the Avant-Monts. Our territory reveals its beauty through the powerful contrast of its landscapes. Between the immensity of its plains, its green vineyards in spring, its gentle hills, its causses and its wooded mountains, you will be seduced by the broad profile of the Caroux, a real backdrop and a familiar horizon for the inhabitants of the region. Our life, rooted in the land and traditions, is identified with the vineyards bathed by the sun and sunk by the wind, as well as with the tranquillity of the villages that have preserved their hearts of stone... 

A land of history with an exceptional heritage, of ancient humanity, our territory asserts itself as a land of welcome. All of you who love true nature, take the time to discover it, to enjoy it and to respect this wild and preserved beauty.


Circuit N°1 - Berlou

log             log
       100D+     7km (4.3miles)

balisage 08This is a relatively easy route through the Berlou vineyards. Country roads and vineyard paths. Departure from the tasting cellar.

Circuit N°2 - Berlou

log          log
           840D+    28km (17.3miles)

balisage 08A long and challenging circuit, but a very friendly and technically accessible descent.

Circuit N°3 - Berlou

log           log
            520D+     15km (9.3miles)

balisage 08Discovery of the hamlets. Beautiful views of the plain and the sea from the tracks. Beautiful single-track paths in the second part of the circuit.
TRAIL TEMPORARY CLOSED (update : 12th of January, 2021).

Circuit N°4 - Ferrieres

log        log
           320D+  11km (6.8miles)

balisage 08Mostly wide and easy to ride tracks. Small sections of country roads.

Circuit N°5 - Colombières

log         log
          200D+   12km (7.5miles)

balisage 08Complete panorama of the foot of the south face of Caroux. Return via the Voie Verte.

Circuit N°6 Mons La Trivalle

log         log
        100D+     6km (4miles)

balisage 08Family circuit around Mons la Trivalle. Magnificent views of the Gorges of Héric and the southern face of the Caroux.

Circuit N°7 Mons la Trivalle

 log               log
          930D+    22km (13.7miles)

balisage 08A long way up, but the descent is beautiful! Via the Bacoulette pass and La Fenouillède.

Circuit N°8 Mons La Trivalle

log            log
        700D+     16km (10miles)

balisage 08Very technical. To be reserved for experienced riders. Magnificent descent of the Bardou pass on a "caladé trail", a real gem for lovers of muscular mountain biking!

Circuit N°9 Olargues

log        log
           130D+   4km (2.5miles)

balisage 08Family circuit without difficulty, on cemented track, with short portions of path. Beautiful views of the Caroux.

Circuit N°10 Olargues

log       log
            140D+    9km (5.6miles)

balisage 08Country roads and forest tracks, with no great difficulty. Return via the Voie Verte, after a short portage to get there.

Circuit N°11 Olargues

log           log
       640D+   16km (10miles)

balisage 08A fairly steep and regular climb. Beautiful technical descent. Beware of wet weather.

Circuit N°12 Vieussan

 log                log
      1,000D+     29km (18miles)

balisage 08You are on one of the sections of the Epic Enduro. 400D- in 2 kilometres, for those who love descents!

Circuit N°13 Les schistes

log            log
       60D+    6km (3.7miles)

balisage 08Nice walk with no technical difficulties. Crossing the road D14 (be careful with children!).

Circuit N°16 ND Tredos

log              log
       550D+     15km (9.3miles)

balisage 08Relatively demanding and with no downtime, both on the way up and on the way down. Stop at Notre Dame de Tredos.

Circuit N°14 Laurenque

 log             log
        500D+   10km (6.2miles)

balisage 08Quiet ascent to the Hameau de Laurenque and final descent to Garrigas. Don't forget your gloves.

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