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Canyoning is a combination of white water walking, swimming, abseiling, slides, etc. It is a fun way to follow the bed of a river in amazing and beautiful places, almost inaccessible otherwise.
The different routes proposed by the professionals meet all desires and all levels: whether you are in family, sport lovers, strong sensations seekers... and even "night" birds, with night time canyoning!

ico canyon The Canyon of the Vialais

canyon-vialaisThe Canyon of the Vialais is a classic for thrills. After 15 minutes of car from Mons la Trivalle in the direction of Bardou, you'll find a parking, above the old lake of L'airette. Then, direction Bardou and the col de Bardou, for 20 minutes, at least. You still have to go up the Vialais valley, passing near the Baou Filipi, a magnificent rocky peak, planted at an altitude of 500metres. Splendid view. There, try spotting the Hameau d'Héric ! For the start of the Canyon, count on another 20 minutes of walking on a well marked path. 
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ico canyon The Canyon of the Grand Rec

Another great classic: the big rec and its slide ! Jumps, slides, abseiling, everything is there. 
To get there, there is a private parking lot near the start of the canyon (5 minutes walk downhill, in the direction of the former Airette dam). Count 5 €/car. Prefer car-sharing.
The access road is narrow, you will not be able to park on the side of the road. There is another parking lot in the direction of Bardou (after the paying one), but it is small and quickly saturated.
The canyon has a short version, from where you exit on your left after a steep abseil to reach the road by a very steep path. 
For the longer option, continue until you reach the Montahut power station. The walk back along the road will last about 45 minutes.

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ico canyon Canyon of the Saut de Vesoles

It starts a few metres under the dam. The abseils are numerous and represent the main interest of this well equipped canyon. When you reach the footbridge it's the end ! This canyon is made for those who like to do the watered the beginning of the season.

 ico canyon The Canyon of Albine

canyon-albineIn a magnificent setting on the south side of the Caroux. Arrival at the foot of the Square Tower of Colombières.
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