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Departure/arrival: OT de Mons-la-Trivalle
Enjoy a short but technical and aesthetic route, ideal for practising the sequence of ascents and descents on a technical trail. You will discover the Gorges d'Héric before going up to the foothills of the Caroux on the magnificent sentier des gardes. You will then go back down along a winding path to Saint Martin de l'Arçon, a hamlet with stone houses typical of the area. You will then return to the Héric Gorges, to the Soupirs footbridge, to enjoy this emblematic place one last time, before returning to Mons-la-Trivalle on the outward route.



> Check the weather forecast.

> Find out about the state of the route.

> Inform someone close to you about your itinerary and the planned times.

> Take water and food.


> Stay on the marked paths for your safety and to preserve the vegetation. Do not cut the laces.

> Respect the natural environment and the properties crossed; close the barriers.

> Respect the highway code, which applies to all sections of the route that use public roads.

> Don't litter and keep your rubbish with you.


The courses are equipped with specific trail markers. Follow the course number indicated on the marker. Between two trail markers, follow the existing hiking markers:

balisage trail


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