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The stream of Arles dug the rock of the massif, formed narrow gorges and now flows into the Orb.

Colombières-sur-Orb owes its name to the large dovecotes where doves used to be raised (Colombièras). This commune, which has twelve scattered hamlets, is situated on the right bank of the Orb and at the foot of the Caroux. The stream of Arles dug the rock of the massif to form narrow gorges and then flow into the Orb, creating a unique place called simply the Gorges de Colombières.

Lovers of crystal-clear water and wild landscapes, but also hikers, like to come to Colombières-sur-Orb from a long time ago. Witness of the exchanges between valley and plateau, the ancient Roman road symbolises the circulation of men and goods for more than 2,000 years. Several vestiges reveal it: the Oppidum Saucani (Gallic fortification) and the stones with "cupules", which we still don't know what they were used for. Later, the troglodyte houses on the path climbing up to the hamlet of La Fage sheltered chestnut gatherers, shepherds or hunters.


:: Gorges de Colombières:: 14th century donjon (squared tower), au lieu dit le Battut, only vestige of the Caroz castle.
:: 17th century castle  : chestnut tree.
:: Roman road from the valley to the Caroux plateau. Cup stones.
:: 17th century parish church.
:: Troglodyte houses on the gorges path
:: Sainte-Colombe modern chapel: frescoes by Bringuier.
:: Dolmens of Seilhols and the Madale stream,
:: Oppidum de Saucani
:: GR de Pays par la piste des biterrois

Cityhall information

44 chemin des Gorges
34390 Colombières-sur-Orb
04 67 95 64 46
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Le château de Colombières et la Tour

Le château de Colombières et la Tour
La tour Carrée

La tour Carrée
A proximité du rocher pointu

A proximité du rocher pointu

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