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Land of the "Nectar of the gods".

Halfway between the Minervois plain and the foothills, the village is situated on the northeast side of the Minervois plateau, in the heart of the 180hectares of the Muscat de Saint-Jean-de-Minervois appellation.
On this white limestone land hangs a grafted vine, in the middle of plots of land, delimited by dry stone walls punctuated with capitelles.
Legend has it that in the past, following a terrible storm, only three vines survived: three strains of Muscat "petit grain". When the harvest came, the result was astonishing and those who tasted it called it "nectar of the Gods". Thus was born the famous Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois, classified AOC since 1949 and renowned for its exceptional aromas of lemongrass, acacia and lime blossom.

The Muscat Petit Grain, one of the oldest known grape varieties, is the only one to adapt to the dry and sunny conditions of this area.
To the east of Saint-Jean, between the hamlets of Gimios and Barroubio, a deep gorge shelters the church of Saint-Jean-de-Dieuvaille, dating from the 11th century.

A little bit of history

According to a legend, the Saint-Jean vineyard dates back to Roman times.
What is historically true is that the lord of Pardailhan levied a seigneurial right on the wine of Saint-Jean and Saint-Martial as early as the Middle Ages.
The last lord-baron of Pardailhan, Thomas-François de Treil de Pardailhan, maître d'hôtel to King Louis XVI at the Court of Versailles, is said to have had the wine from his estate tasted at the royal table.
Beyond this possibly legendary anecdote, the commune produces a remarkable Muscat, which obtained the AOC in 1949 (decree of 10th of November 1949).


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