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From its tower, it dominates a deep valley outlined by the meanders of the Orb river.

Set on the slopes of a picturesque hillside, the village of Vieussan enjoys an exceptionally mild Mediterranean climate.

Built in an amphitheatre, its tower overlooks a deep valley outlined by the meanders of the Orb river.
Follow the road towards Berlou to enjoy of the exceptional panorama of Vieussan with, in the distance, the crests of the Caroux massif which cut out the horizon and draw a gigantic silhouette of a woman, lying down.

vieussan visite de Vieussan tour de Vieussan
With the ruins of its 12th century castle "Le Castellas", with its keep and its old churches, numerous stone constructions and arches, the town is rich in history. 

The narrow streets do not allow vehicles to pass through, but, you can walk to discover them. 

Vieussan is dominated by a landscape of vineyards, from which an excellent AOC Saint Chinian Coteaux du Languedoc wine is made. 

Very spread out, it groups together numerous hamlets, the Westernmost being Mézeilles, at the foot of the Naudech peak. To the east, Plaussenous, towards Bédarieux.

vieussan vieussan 01 grand

In the South, the village of Le Pin and the hamlet of Le Lau towards Roquebrun. The village of Le Pin also has its vestiges of past times, also dating back to the 12th century: Tour du Pin, Pont Roman...



:: 12th century Ruins of the Pine Tower.
:: Romanesque bridge over the brook of the Pine and the cliffs of Camps.
:: Puech St Julio, Arch of Roc Traucat and Ruins of St Julio XII.
:: Church of Mounis.
:: Remains and tower of the 12th century Castellas. 
:: 17th century Parish Church.
:: 12th century St Martin's church in the cemetery.
:: 18th century Chapel Notre-Dame de Géminian.


City hall information

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: from 10am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30 pm
04 67 97 71 14
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A mobile grocery shop (general food, organic food, dietetics and locavore) is open Monday morning in the village of Vieussan and Thursday afternoon in Plaussenous, le Pin, le Lau. For all orders and information on the days and times of the tours, please contact l'Epiçourie 06 70 99 71 48 - 04 67 38 45 48

Seuls les partenaires de l'office du tourisme figurent sur le site. Une liste exhaustive peut être fournie sur demande. Les prix et descriptifs sont donnés à titre indicatif sur la base des informations fournies par les prestataires.

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