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Discover the list of our day hikes! 

Situated in the west of the Hérault department, from the Minervois to the Somail, passing through the Caroux and the Avants-Monts, our territory reveals its beauty through the powerful contrast of its landscapes. Between the immensity of its plains, its green vineyards in spring, its gentle hills, its causses and its wooded mountains, you will be seduced by the wide diversity of the Caroux, a real backdrop and a familiar horizon for the inhabitants of the region.Our life, rooted in the land and traditions, is identified with the vineyards bathed by the sun and sunk by the wind, as well as with the tranquillity of the villages that have kept their soft stone hearts...

A land of history with an exceptional heritage, of ancient humanity, our territory asserts itself as a land of welcome. All of you who love true nature, take the time to discover it, to enjoy it and to respect this wild and preserved beauty.

The Minervois-Caroux app is available now.

Your guide to all the hikes, cycle and mountain bike routes, audio guides, and more, in the area





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    8km (5miles)    02h30

This is a fascinating region. In the middle of forests, on terraces or through vineyards, the path offers harmony and serenity. Panoramic views, passing through authentic hamlets, dry stone, low walls and cool alleys: the hiker discovers a land shaped by man.

Le Causse

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    14km (8.7miles)    04h00

Walking along paths and tracks on the edge of limestone cliffs, discover the grandiose landscapes of the Minervois limestone plateaus with the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea in the background...

Notre Dame de Tredos

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    13km (8miles)    04h30

Overlooking the Jaur valley and offering magnificent views, this route takes you through the forest of the Avant-Monts to the chapel of Notre Dame de Trédos, an ancient pilgrimage site.

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    3km (1.9miles)    01h30

A pleasant way to discover a small heritage that is very present in Languedoc. Following the walls supporting the terraces that were once cultivated, called the "faïsses", this path, which starts in Courniou, leads to the "capitelles", these strange little dry stone huts that punctuate the landscape.

La Malvoisine

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    6km (3.7miles)    02h00

This walk offers you wide views of the exceptional site of Minerve, set up like a challenge between the gorges of the Cesse and the Brian. Taking this path is an opportunity to understand the history of the Cathars and the siege of the town in 1210, to walk through wildly beautiful landscapes and to discover the typical and fragrant vegetation of the causse.
Warning: after a rainy episode, we advise you to ask about the conditions for crossing the river Brian, as the ford between the town and the catapult can sometimes be covered in water or become slippery.

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430 D+
      13km - 8,1miles      04h15

What a pleasure to hike along the paths that lead to Ventajou! Discover the wonderful views, but also the natural environment with its charming tones and the intoxicating scents of the scrubland. Change of scenery guaranteed!

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     7.5km (4.6miles)    03h00

Starting from Saint Martin or from the Gorges d'Héric car park, this hike will allow you to discover a magnificent part of the mountain.

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   18km (11.2miles)   06h00

Book a day to walk the slopes of the Esquirol (squirrel in Occitan) and discover Roquebrun and its terroir from another angle! From the terraces of Garriguas to the Col de la Belle via Laurenque, the diversity of the scenery will leave you with a remarkable and authentic memory.

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   8km (5miles)    03h00

A hike to do with the whole family, both for the superb views and the diversity of the landscapes and the relative ease of the walk (the route can be done in the opposite direction, which is recommended to avoid the steep climb at the start).

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   6km (3.2miles)   02h00

Located on the cornice of the Somail mountains, near the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean slopes, the Vesoles lake is an ideal place to recharge your batteries and discover nature with your family.

Le tour de l'Ayrolle

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   8km (5miles)   03h30

Offering magnificent views of the village of Vieussan and Ceps, overlooking the Orb gorges, this path winds its way through the scrubland, contrasting grandly with the vineyards and orchards on the hillside.

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   1km (0.6miles)   01h00

Starting from the hamlet of Mauroul, this route allows you to discover the narrow streets of Mauroul, its washhouse, four waterfalls and a ferruginous water source. Along the way, you will find botanical information on the local flora.

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    8km (5miles)     04h00

This walk takes you around the Cathar city of Minerve, by a wide loop, to the north. In the village, walk through its unusual streets and the remains of the fortifications. 

Warning: after a rainy episode, we advise you to check the conditions for crossing the river Brian: the ford between the town and the catapult can sometimes be covered in water or become slippery.

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   13km (8miles)   05h00

A beautiful and long climb up the Gorges de Colombières, towards the Lafage refuge. Discover the troglodytic habitats on the upper part of the path.

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   14km (8.7miles)   05h00

Starting from Olargues, a beautiful hike that criss-crosses the Avant-Monts and takes you up to a higher level, allowing you to better appreciate the environment of one of the "most beautiful villages in France", and the emblematic landscapes of the Haut-Languedoc.

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    5.5km (3.4miles)   02h00

Following paths and tracks along the limestone cliffs, discover the grandiose landscapes of the Minervois limestone plateaus with the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

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   9km (5.6miles)    03h00

Discover the Roquebrun vineyard through its hillside vines, the variety of grape clinging to the schistose slopes and the scent of the garrigue. This walk is accessible to all, from walkers to experienced hikers, and is ideal for contemplating the sites. 4km (2.5miles)/1h20.

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   5km (3.1miles)   01h30

The chapel of Centeilles was, during the Middle Ages, a well-known site for its position between the plain and the mountains. It attracted many people during its famous fair. The easy itinerary that starts here crosses a charming pine forest with its marked scents and many vines, offering the brightness of the relief as a spectacle.

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   7km (4.3miles)   02h00

In the heart of the causse, between vineyards and scrubland, discover two authentic and picturesque hamlets, Paguignan and Cazelles.

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   7km    02h00

Starting from the historic village of Aigues-Vives, this hike invites you to follow the course of the Cessière, along pleasant paths and tracks through the forests, scrubland and vineyards of the Minervois. You will be seduced by this pleasant walk, in the heart of a preserved valley!

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   3km (1.2miles)    01h15

The path offers breathtaking views of the gorges de la Cesse, their cliffs and their calm and wild environment, dotted here and there with Minervois vineyards. Scrubland, pine forests, broom, meadows: it would be unrealistic to sum up the beauty of Font Galine here!

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   11km (6.8miles)   04h00

The path offers breathtaking views of the Gorges de la Cesse, their cliffs and their calm and wild environment, dotted here and there with Minervois vineyards. Scrubland, pine forests, broom, meadows: it would be impossible to sum up the beauty of Font Galine here!

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   6km (3.7miles)    02h00

The Pech overlooks Agel, a village with winding streets in the Minervois, its 12th century castle and its vineyards entwined by the Cesse. Superb views from the orientation table, but also all along the path. This trail lovingly combines the beauty of the landscape and the heritage.

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   14km (8.7miles)   04h30

Open until September
Here, under the protection of the holm oak and chestnut forests, you will meet the star of the Minervois: the Cesse. This meandering river has its source in Ferrals-les-Montagnes. Much lower down, the hollowed-out cliffs of the Minerve Gorges demonstrate how the limestone rocks have been shaped and worn away by the force of the water. 

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   15km (9.3miles)    05h00

A fairly long and very varied route through windy ridges and deep forests. The painted cisterns add to the fun of this route.

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   5km (3.1miles)   02h00

From the majestic gorges to the tranquil banks of the Orb, the route offers an admirable variety of small heritage sites linked to water: washhouses, ferruginous water basins, ditches and irrigation systems. The panoramic views of the Caroux and the crossing of serene hamlets make this walk very pleasant.

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   3km (1.8miles)    01h30

At the foot of the Caroux massif, along an ancient track lined with dry stone walls, discover the ancestral route once used by the herds. This itinerary follows tn the footsteps of the peasants of yesteryear and offers wide views over the Jaur and Orb valleys.

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    4km (2.4miles)   02h00

In the heights of Saint Pons de Thomières, this hike will seduce you by its landscapes and its different atmospheres in very few kilometres.

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    13km (8miles)   03h30

The Oeno Rando® is a hike on paths and tracks in the heart of the vineyards, on the different terroirs of the Hérault department. Beyond the landscapes, the hikes are selected as gastronomic escapades: information on the terroirs crossed, the grape varieties, the methods of cultivation are indicated in the hike sheet and the departures are located close to a cellar, which makes it possible to taste (with moderation!) the wines resulting from these terroirs...

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   13km (8miles)   05h00

Quite a long walk in a wild and isolated environment. With luck, mouflons will be present either in the rocks of the Col du Salis or in the grassy meadows below the Col de l'ourtigas.

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    9km (5.6miles)    02h30

Journey to the heart of the Saint Chinian heritage: capitelles, mills and vines as far as the eye can see. This quiet walk through the vineyards of Saint-Chinian aims at the rock of Notre-Dame, with the line of the Avants-Monts and the silhouette of the Caroux massif in the background.

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   4km (3miles)    01h15

Observation island of the Biterroise plain. An ocean of vines at your feet. Short and for the whole family.

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   13km (8miles)   04h30

The former marble quarries are all linked by a path on the Planette plateau, offering numerous views of the Montagne Noire, the Aude plain, the Corbières and the Pyrenees.

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   5.6km (3.5miles)   02h00

This "Chemin de la mémoire" in the heart of the Somail forest takes you to the important places of the organised resistance in the Hauts Cantons.
It was created to perpetuate the memory of the men who fought to defend their freedom: the interpretation developed is captivating thanks to explanatory panels.

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   1km - 0.6miles   01h00

Starting from the hamlet of Mauroul, this route allows you to discover the narrow streets of the hamlet, its wash-house, four waterfalls and a ferruginous water spring. On the way, you will find botanical information on the local flora.

Les Calades

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   5km (3.1miles) 

At the foot of the Mountain of Light - the nickname given to the Caroux - along the paths taken over the centuries by the locals, soak up the unspoilt environment and the precious calm of this country as far as the banks of the Orb. A gentle approach to the Haut-Languedoc to be enjoyed at your own pace!

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   16km (9.9miles)    05h00

A classic route, taking you into the Vialais valley.

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   6km (3.7miles)    02h00

Between the foothills of the Montagne Noire and the Minervois plain, this family walk winds its way along the hillsides between the vines and the pines with the scent of the Mediterranean scrubland.

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   15 km (9.3miles)   05h00

TRAIL TEMPORARILY CLOSED (update: 12 January 2021).
In the heart of the Mediterranean maquis, this hike between tracks and paths offers you a peaceful itinerary around the traditional Berlou vineyard. Attached to the mountain, the village and its hamlets give you beautiful views of the vineyards and the Mediterranean coast in the distance.

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   8km (5miles)    02h45

After walking along charming gardens and orchards, full of olive, fig and quince trees, pass through the vineyards of the Minervois and then the wild landscape of the Bellevue plateau, and finally enjoy the wonderful views of the garrigue. A beautiful collection of nature atmospheres!

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   9km (5.6miles)   02h45

If the vines occupy the lower part of the Minervois, the heights are covered with garrigue vegetation: on these limestone soils, kermes oak (garric in Occitan), rosemary and thyme flourish... As you encounter this flora on the Causse de Siran, you will enjoy panoramic views of the Minervois, the Corbières and the Clape. Enter, at your own pace, the wild landscapes of this beautiful circuit.

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   14km (8.7miles)   04h30

How sweet it is under the splendid foliage of the trees that adorn the first foothills of the Montagne Noire! Away from the main roads, Cassagnoles enjoys an exceptional calm. Its protected and serene nature offers itself to visitors.

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       15km (9.3miles)      05h00

Magnificent walk with varied landscapes in all seasons. Variable signposting always present.

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   18km (11.1miles)    06h00

A wonderful day ahead. Reasonable altitude and mileage for a seasoned hiker. Panoramas, mouflons, unusual places and a picnic in a high altitude hamlet.

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   8km (5miles)    02h45

Do not hesitate to follow these paths: be inspired by the atmosphere of the chestnut groves, the wild scenery of the garrigue and enjoy superb views of the Minervois!

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  20D+      1km - 0,6miles     00h45

The Meulières trail is 1kilometre (0,6miles) long and allows you to discover the archaeological site through eleven stations and belvederes offering magnificent views of the Montagne Noire and the Minervois, right up to the Pyrenees.

log           log            log
       6.2km (3.7miles)       01h45

A gentle walk with good views and lighting over the Lac de Jouarres. Lots of birds in the reed beds at the bottom of the lake. Swimming is recommended in the dedicated area.

La route des Gorges

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     10km (6.2miles) round trip   03h00

At an altitude of 514m, in the heart of a wild and preserved nature, attached to the commune of Rosis, discover the hamlet of Héric at the end of the road of the same name. Its architecture and traditional buildings are typical of the small villages of the Hérault mountains and are reminiscent of the Cévennes type. Still inhabited, please visit it with respect and discretion.

log          log        log
      2.6km (1.2miles)     00h45

This Cade is classified as a "Remarkable Tree" in the commune of La Livinière. Our Chemin du Cade was designed in spring 2019.

log          log         log
    13km (8miles)   05h30

Located in the Somail Mountain, the hamlet of Langlade welcomes you for a sportive hike towards the Espinouse plateau, before reaching the Saut de Vesoles site, intersected by spectacular waterfalls and gorges.

log             log             log
   18km (11.2miles)   06h00

Mountain and wild atmosphere for this long route, with a nice gradient. Not the easiest terrain for the first part.

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