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"Petit Nice" in Hérault

It is difficult to say whether it is its micro-climate or its history that makes the village of Roquebrun so unique.
The soil is very rich in schist and this mineral has two virtues: it retains water and stores heat to slowly release it. Moreover, the local winegrowers admit that, here, the grapes ripen even at night.

Roquebrun's exceptional climate allows Mediterranean gardens to develop. Orange, lemon and other citrus trees provide beautiful fruit in the middle of winter, while Roquebrun's mimosas brighten up the Hérault countryside in February. A collection of mimosas and other Mediterranean plants can be discovered in the Mediterranean Garden (at the foot of the tower).

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It is therefore not surprising that people have been attracted to the place for thousands of years. Troglodytic shepherds, Roman legionnaires, Carolingian kings, Cathar lords, all tasted the same sunshine that Roquebrun still enjoys today.
A sun that bathes the roofs of the village and sometimes pierces right to the bottom of the narrow streets, whose names alone sum up the age-old life of its inhabitants.

Along these streets, the old village is not to be visited, it is to be discovered. The tangled houses reveal their secrets metre by metre. Sometimes, between two buildings, the landscape reveals itself (visit the church of St André (1156) where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama).

roquebrun e brendle
And you can admire the vineyard, the Orb and the bridge that has spanned it since 1870. Legend has it that the workers danced four days and four nights after completing the building. A festive tradition which continues, since the Roquebrunais gather about twenty times a year, on the occasion of festivals and celebrations and local wines (AOC Saint Chinian Roquebrun).

To discover the village of Roquebrun all year round at any time and at your own pace, you can follow a discovery circuit from your smartphone or tablet. At the different points of interest numbered from 1 to 9, simply click on the corresponding commentary and let yourself be told the history of the village, the anecdotes of the inhabitants, in audio and video ! Click on the link below: Visit Roquebrun (audio and video commentary on your smartphone or tablet).
Among the most beautiful panoramas of the village, enjoy the magnificent view from the road to Laurenque.

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But also, from the Col de Vernède in the direction of Cessenon a few meters after the exit in a climb on the left.

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PR l'Ayrolle au départ de Ceps­­ (PR). Fiche rando and its 3 discovery sheets, you can buy it in the Tourist Information Centers (1€) 
Sentiers de Pays starting at l'Avenue des Orangers : l'Esquirol et l'Arboussié
GR de Pays (boucles d'Olargues).
GR Chemin de Fontcaude



:: Ruins of the Carolingian Watchtower in the heart of the Mediterranean Garden.
:: Mills of Roquebrun.
:: St Pontien Chapel in the hamlet of Ceps

To visit the village, you can follow the guided walks during the months of July and August. Ask at the tourist office. 

Cityhall information

38 avenue du Roc-de-l'Estang
34460 Roquebrun
From Monday to Friday: from 8am to 12pm 
04 67 89 64 54
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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