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Espace TrailMontagnes du Caroux 

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The Caroux-Espinouse massif forms the southernmost buttress of the Massif Central. Preserved and wild, it represents an important natural heritage due to its geological interest and the diversity of its environment. You will come across an interesting wildlife, including the emblematic mouflon. It culminates at an average altitude of 1,000m and dominates the Jaur and Orb valleys. The Caroux, the heart of the massif, reveals itself to be, by the imposing character of its needles, the omnipresence of the rock and its very cut-out relief, a real mountain cut by gorges and crossed by numerous torrents.It is an ideal adventure terrain where trailers come all year round to prepare their big trail events. 

trail 01In just a few years, the Caroux has become a reference mountain for technical trails. Its 800m+ ascents made of stone steps, its infernal descents on the mother rock, all on sinuous, vertiginous monotraces with breathtaking panoramas, make it an incomparable terrain for :

- Muscular strengthening,
- Proprioception,
- Field reading,
- Mental work at the smallest distance-time ratios,
- Running economy,
- Overcoming ones fear of steep slopes,
- Managing various efforts,
- Spend unforgettable days.

Whether it is an early spring, under an overwhelming heat, during an Indian summer or on the ephemeral white carpet of a layer of snow, the Caroux welcomes sportsmen and women in all seasons, and conceals a few surprises, such as the trail events organised regularly (trail de la bête noire (of the black beast), trail du Caroux...) or the trail training courses proposed by Globetrailers, open to all by Antoine Guillon and Christophe Le Saux.

Driven by a spirit of discovery and respect for the environment, for the pleasure of reconnecting with wild nature or to immerse yourself in what could well be a bath of youth, dare the Caroux, you will never leave it!

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